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The Dalminvod factory is equipped with the latest technologies and its production capacity is up to 50,000 bottles per day. The range of products includes ozonized sparkling and still drinking water “Tayezhnaya Zhemchuzhina” (the well No, 29Bis, in blue bottles) and ozonized sparkling and still healing drinking water “Tayezhnaya Zhemchuzhina healing water” (the well No. 47-78, in green bottles). Before bottling, all the waters undergo treatment with the use of the specially designed water-treatment system which ensures non-use of any additives, preservatives and inhibitors. Specially treated air and artificially generated ozone of high density are used in the process of water purification; this eliminates any possibility of bacterial growth in the water ready for bottling. The main filtering elements are calibrated quartz grit in the first stage and coconut shell charcoal in the second stage of purification. The system of ultrafiltration prevents passage of the filtering particles into the water. Natural gas component is totally removed from the water during the process of its treatment; instead of this, the water is saturated with purified air.  Carbon dioxide used for carbonation also undergoes additional purification. Mineral composition of the water remains unchanged at the end of the treatment process. 

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The water intake station of the enterprise is a specially protected object situated in the very heart of the East-Ussursky area of the Shmakovskoye deposit. Drawing of water is strictly controlled by the automation systems preventing from the disruption of the unique structure of the water-bearing strata and resulting in the limited production of finished products. Only the same ready treated water is used as the process water at bottling and capping as well as for rinsing of containers that eliminates the possibility of ingress of foreign impurities into the finished products.


The formation of a small amount of very fine brown crystals of iron can be observed in the water “Tayezhnaya Zhemchuzhina” during its storage. This is not a defect and does not affect the water quality. The sediment of mineral salts can be observed after the long-term storage of the water “Tayezhnaya Zhemchuzhina” in a quiescent state. Simply agitate the water to dissolve it; the water quality will not suffer because of it. Direct sunlight and storage temperature above 15°C promote the sedimentation of mineral salts.

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